On 31 December 2021 there were 65 job positions in the Estonian Patent Office, divided as follows: 17 in the Trade Mark Department, 17 in the Patent Department, 12 in the Registry Department, 15 in the Financial and Administrative Department, 6 (including 2 in the Industrial Property Board of Appeals) in management and directly under the authority of the Director General.

By the end of the year there were 57 employees in the office. Two new people were employed in 2021. The percentage of voluntary turnover was 1.7.

95% employees had higher education. 3 have a Doctor’s degree. By the end of the year 12 employees had worked in the office for up to 5 years, 9 for 6–10 years, 11 for 11–20 years, 28 for 21–30 years. There were 18% males and 82% females and the average age of the staff was 51 years.

The office has a tradition of selecting the best employees of the year.


2021 best employees

Patendiameti aasta inimene 2021 on Aasa Süld
Aasa Süld, Head of Finance, is the person of the year 2021 of the Patent Office
Finants- ja haldusosakonna 2021. aasta parim kolleeg on jurist Cady Kaisa Rivera
The best colleague of the Financial and Administrative Department in 2021 is Lawyer Cady Kaisa Rivera
Kaubamärgiosakonna 2021. aasta parim kolleeg on vanemekspert Mari-Epp Tirkkonen
The best colleague of the Trade Mark Department in 2021 is Senior Examiner Mari-Epp Tirkkonen
Patendiosakonna 2021. aasta parim kolleeg on juhtivspetsialist Veera Tereštšenkova
The best colleague of the Patent Department in 2021 is Principal Specialist Veera Tereštšenkova
Registriosakonna 2021. aasta parim kolleeg on peaspetsialist Mare Soomets
The best colleague of the Registry Department in 2021 is Chief Specialist Mare Soomets



Eve Tang
Eve Tang

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