Information System

The purpose of the information system of the Patent Office is to operate the industrial property procedure as a single process on a technological platform. The information system is interfaced with a number of other systems and registers, and the smooth operation of the whole system is essential in the day-to-day work of the Office.

The information system consists of three main components:

  • self-service environment;
  • procedural software;
  • public query portal.

The renewal of the information system of the Patent Office started in 2016 when Back Office, a software package for trade marks and designs, developed by EUIPO, was introduced. Thanks to the new system, it was possible to switch to a paperless procedure in the area of trade marks and industrial designs.

The improvement of the information system continues and, similarly to previous years, we participated as a pilot Office in the ECP2 BO project initiated by EUIPO, which has resulted in keeping the components of the information system up to date, improved user comfort and added new features to the system. The changes made during the pilot project will benefit both the applicants and the examiners. One of the biggest changes in 2020 was the addition of timelines to both the Back Office system and the public database. Timelines provide the applicant with an overview of the progress of the procedure.

The self-service environment was also upgraded in connection with the introduction of the new accelerated procedure service. The new IT solution allows a trade mark applicant to conveniently request an accelerated procedure and complete a reduced-data application.

E-services of the Estonian Patent Office

Self-service environment
Electronic filing of a patent application, utility model registration application and an application for the enforcement of a European patent.
Electronic filing of applications concerning the registration of trade marks and industrial designs, renewal, changes in the data and transfer of rights and ownership. 

Madrid eFiling
Through the portal, you can submit an international e-application under the Madrid Protocol, provided that you already have an Estonian national application or registration for the same trade mark. The application is submitted to the Estonian Patent Office, who will forward it to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) after the examination and, if necessary, correction of the application.

Public Queries
Queries can be made on trade marks, industrial designs, inventions and geographical indications valid in Estonia or filed for legal protection in Estonia.

International databases

The Estonian Patent Office transmits data on industrial property objects in Estonia to the following international databases.

Espacenet – a global patent database

Federated European Patent Register – European patent database

TmView – international trade mark search portal

Global Brand — WIPO international trade mark database

Designview – international design search portal



Ülle Tamm
Ülle Tamm

Head of Information Systems